Japan's No. 1 Mole Station

The Yubiso River is fed by water from the melting snow from Mt. Tanigawadake.
Today, the water is still flowing in abundance.
This is Doai Station on the JR Joetsu Line in Minakami Town, Gunma Prefecture.
The down platform is located in a tunnel deep underground, and you have to climb 486 steps to get to the ground.It is nicknamed Japan's No. 1 Mogura Station and is famous among railway fans and mountain climbing enthusiasts.

There are no station staff in the station building,
which has an impressive red pointed roof.
This is a so-called unmanned station where passengers issue their own boarding certificates using ticket vending machines.

  • 土合駅の赤い三角屋根
  • 名物の486段の階段
  • 土合駅のトンネル通路から見える湯檜曽川
  • ホームに通じるコンコース
  • 駅茶moguraの窓はきっぷ売り場の名残が

Glamping 0 minutes walk from the station

Doai Station, which is a bit lonely and in the middle of nowhere,
has been completely reborn in the spring of 2021. A glamping facility has opened on the premises directly connected to the station, where you can enjoy an overnight camping experience without bringing anything.

The center house has a beautiful wooden deck that was painstakingly laid by a local carpenter and a retro atmosphere reminiscent of an old station building . Furthermore, the grove of Yuhinoki willow trees that have been there for a long time and the landscape that makes use of nature are worth seeing.

  • すぐそばを上越線が通るグランピングエリア
  • ライトアップされた美しいウッドデッキ
  • 満点の星空を見上げるグランピング

Special room and authentic sauna

The cute room, which looks like a white marshmallow,
is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
You can stay comfortably even in the midst of the beautiful yet harsh nature of Minakami.
In the bath, you can not only enjoy the nearby hot springs, but also the authentic Finnish sauna.
The sauna heats up to 90 degrees Celsius over a gentle wood fire, making you feel warm from the inside out, and even the sub-zero temperatures outside will feel so good that you'll want to jump into the waist-deep snow.
When I looked up, I saw a sky full of stars. It's just the happiness of life.

  • インスタントハウス
  • 紅葉とサウナ
  • インスタントハウスを覗き込むふたり
  • 夜もあたたかく過ごせます

Thoughts behind “DOAI”

The ticket office and station office, which are no longer in use, will be transformed into "Ekissa Mogura". Delicious flavors such as fragrant original blend coffee and spicy curry will soothe your travel fatigue. In the exhibition corner of the cafe, works by local craftsmen and artists are displayed and sold. “Doai” is a word that refers to the place where two rivers meet. As the name suggests, we want it to be a fun place where travelers and locals come and go . With this in mind, "Doai Station" was reborn as "DOAI VILLAGE". Please come and visit us in the new Minakami.

  • DOAI VILLAGEの駅茶moguraに集う人々
  • 駅茶moguraの店内
  • カフェスペースでくつろぐふたり
  • 地元みなかみのクラフトビールOKUTONE
  • 名物のダッチオーブン鍋を楽しむ親子