How to play DOAI VILLAGE

Real water play

Minakami is home to a rich natural environment where water from the melting snow from the mountains flows into rivers.
Activities such as rafting and canyoning are popular in the valley,
and SUP, canoeing, and packrafting are popular in the lake.
At DOAI VILLAGE, we have partnered with outdoor experts in the surrounding area
to create a plan that allows anyone to enjoy the fun easily and safely.
Please enjoy playing in real water.

Packraft downriver

May to November

Packrafting is becoming increasingly popular,
allowing you to pack a portable inflatable boat into your backpack and enjoy mountain climbing or cycling.
For first-time visitors, we recommend a trial tour first.
It's a two-person tour with a guide, so anyone can enjoy it with peace of mind.


May to November

Minakami is home to some wonderful lakes where kayaking enthusiasts gather,
such as Lake Fujiwara and Okutone Sanko.
The beautiful view of the lake from a vantage point barely above the water's surface
and the beauty of the autumn leaves reflected on the water's surface are must-sees.
Even for first-timers, our expert guide will give you a detailed lecture.
All tools can of course be rented.


May to November

If you want to easily enjoy walking on water, SUP is recommended.
Unlike the sea, there are fewer waves and swells, so it's easy even for beginners.
Standing or lying down on the board, you can feel refreshed as you paddle freely.
On hot days, it's also good to just jump into the water!


May to November

The upper reaches of the Tone River in Minakami are one of the world's leading whitewater rafting courses.
Let's enjoy an exciting river trip while getting soaked from head to toe !


June to October

The valley around Mt. Tanigawa is a beautiful valley polished by avalanches.
In addition to the 30-meter long slide, you can dive into a 7-meter-high waterfall basin and climb the waterfall.
Enjoy the valley to your fullest.

Real snow play

It's not just skiing and snowboarding...
In Minakami, where it is not uncommon for snow to accumulate up to 1 meter overnight,
the accommodation area of ​​DOAI VILLAGE is sometimes covered in snow fields.
With your body warmed up in the sauna, you can dive into fluffy fresh snow, build a real-sized kamakura,
and experience the scenery and experience of a snowy country that you've seen somewhere before,
safely and easily, just 0 minutes walk from the station. You can enjoy it only at the unmanned station glamping DOAI VILLAGE.
Furthermore, in collaboration with local outdoor experts,
there will be plenty of fun activities in the snow that you have never experienced before,
such as a snow hike to Ichinokurasawa and the currently popular snow surfing.

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